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Mobile for Devserver

Type: module

Requirement: Devserver

1. Mobile for Devserver

With the module "Mobile", you can test your code on your mobile phone / tablet and see if your website / application is mobile friendly.

2. Dashboard & Mobile

3. Module Mobile

To activate the module, you have to start the HTTP Server first.

Once activated:

  • connect your computer and your mobile on the same wifi network
  • select your working directory or virtual host (if any)
  • click on "start"
  • on your mobile, open a browser
  • type the indicated address (' for example - depends on your network configuration)


Select your working directory or virtual host (if any)

Mobile in action

4. Navigate from your mobile

With your mobile, explore files and folders and check your applications and websites.

5. Uninstall

Easy : delete the module folder.