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Virtual Hosts Manager for Devserver

Type: module

Requirement: Devserver

1. Download Vistural Hosts Manager for Devserver

2. Dashboard & Virtual Hosts Manager

3. Module Virtual Hosts Manager

4. Add a Virtual Host

You can keep the parameters by default or use the “expert mode” to tune your Virtual Host.

5. Virtual Hosts list and options

6. Activate / Deactivate a Virtual Host

You can activate / deactivate a Virtual Host anytime. Deactivating a Virtual Hosts can be useful, especially if the Virtual Host name has the appearance of an internet address.

7. Delete a Virtual Host

8. Modify a Virtual Host

You can change the name of your Virtual Host, change the directory location or change the parameters.

Reminder : if the name of your Virtual Hosts is an internet address, this address will redirected to your local computer. Not to internet.