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Tray Menu

  • launch Devserver (use the shortcut on your desktop or run-devserver.exe in the install folder).
  • an icon appears in the Notification Area (next to the clock) - if you don't see the icon, click on Show hidden icons and move the icon next to the clock.


1. Main Menu

When you left or right click on the icon a main menu with several items and submenus appears.

  • Open Dashboard : open the Dashboard
  • Servers : submenu with servers controls
  • Support : link to Devserver support page
  • Tools : submenu with Tools
  • Exit : close the servers and Devserver

2. Submenu 'Servers'

When you start / restart / stop a server wait a bit before next action. The process takes a few seconds.

  • Start / Restart All Servers : start / restart HTTP and Database servers with the last configuration
  • Stop All Servers : close HTTP and Database servers
  • Start / Restart HTTP Server : start / restart HTTP server with the last configuration
  • Stop HTTP Server : stop HTTP server
  • Start / Restart Database Server : start / restart Database server with the last configuration
  • Stop Database Server : stop Database server

3. Submenu 'Tools'

  • Open Ports Controller : open a tool that displays the list of all currently opened TCP and UDP ports on your local computer.
  • Open Process Explorer : open a process management and diagnostic utility - check / suspend / kill processes
  • Kill Processes : submenu 'Kill Processes'

4. Sub-submenu 'Kill Processes'

Danger zone : Kill a process if you are really stuck. Killing a database server process can corrupt your files.

  • Kill HTTP Server Process : kill your HTTP server
  • Kill Database Server Process : kill your Database server
  • Kill All Processes : kill your HTTP and Database servers