Download PHP 5.6.0 with Xdebug 2.2.5 for EasyPHP Devserver 14.1 VC11

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PHP 5.6.0 release

The PHP Development Team announces the immediate availability of PHP 5.6.0. This new version comes with new features, some backward incompatible changes and many improvements.

The main features of PHP 5.6.0 include:

For a full list of new features, you may read the new features chapter of the migration guide.

For source downloads of PHP 5.6.0, please visit our downloads page. Windows binaries can be found on The full list of changes is available in the ChangeLog.

PHP 5.6

PHP 5.6 also introduces changes that affect compatibility:

  • Array keys won't be overwritten when defining an array as a property of a class via an array literal.
  • json_decode() is more strict in JSON syntax parsing.
  • Stream wrappers now verify peer certificates and host names by default when using SSL/TLS.
  • GMP resources are now objects.
  • Mcrypt functions now require valid keys and IVs.

For users upgrading from PHP 5.5, a full migration guide is available, detailing the changes between 5.5 and 5.6.0.