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Easyphp12.1 : problem when install xdebug, windows8

Posted by: jce75
April 25, 2013 12:12PM

I don't know how if the title is right or not because I have so much problems.

I work with Windows 8 standard.

1/ I have installed easyphp12.1. => ok
2/ I executed easyphp with Firefox (admin. mode). => ok
3/ I have the Easyphp's homepage => ok (but will not work after )
4/ Reading the new page, it propose to install xdebug
So, I clicked on the link to install xdebug for easyphp.
(Maybe this is the problem because it is already in the pack 12.1 ?)
5/ I download xdebug, close easyphp and install xdebug
6/ I restart easyphp with admin mode
7/ the Esayphp's homepage is displayed without css on Firefox. All image is ok except css.
8/ I start the page on IE and it is ok.

So, I believe it was a css problem.

9/ I unistall easy php and xdebug and made the step 1 to 3, but the homepage is still without css on Firefox :-(((
10/ I decide to use easyphp with IE :-(, the homepage is ok
11/ I click on phpMyAdmin, and it is not working :-((((((((
12/ So, I uninstall the 12.1 version
13/ I install the version 5.4.4
14/ on Firefox, the homepage is still without css !!!!! (i really dont undestand why he don't find css, i didn't read the code, but with IE it is ok)
15/ I start phpmyadmin, but now, it works !!! Yeah ! Good.

So, I decided to post this message and ... when I check again ...

16/ phpmyadmin has lost css on the right frame :-(((((((((((((( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's crazy !!!!!

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Posted by: jce75
April 28, 2013 12:23PM
It works now.
I don't know why.
I guess I delete all empty folders manually and reboot before install again.

this is what i've done if it can help :
Today, I noticed easyphp 5.4.4 is installed in the old directory of easyphp 12.1.
And the shortcut of 5.4.4 is named 12.1 !
I try to debug the css file.
So I just rename the styles.css to styles.old but come back quickly to styles.css to check something.
This, time the css is correct on firefox.
So, i decided to uninstall 5.4.4 and delete manually the 12.1 folders + shortcut.
I reboot.
I download 12.1 again and bingo !

it works.
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