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Getting Windows 7 cmd to run PHP

Posted by: jon
February 15, 2013 09:18PM
Apache Version : 2.4.2
MySQL Version : 5.5.27
PHP Version : 5.4.11
EasyPHP Version : 12.1
Operating System : Windows 7 - Home Premium (64-bit)
OS Version : 6.01.7601 Service Pack 1

For a few hours, I could not get PHP to run in the command line.
And it all revolved around trouble with YAZ.

I really hope this helps someone else from going down the rabitt hole like I did.

The Problem

1. I clicked the Windows 7 Start button

2. I went to the command prompt by typing cmd.exe (right click to make sure I was running as administrator)

3. I traveled to the directory where EasyPHP has PHP installed, which was

4. I typed php –i.

5. I received an error that the dynamic library “php_yaz.dll” could not be loaded.

6. I go to C:\EasyPHP\EasyPHP-12.1\php\php5411x130215105458 and look for yaz4.dll. Instead I find yaz.dll.

7. I found the same thing in C:\Windows\System32, that is, yaz.dll, and not yaz4.dll.

The Solution

1. I look in the following files to make sure “extension=php_yaz” is uncommented.


2. I look in the following file to make sure the extension_dir is correct and uncommented

“extension_dir = "C:\EasyPHP\EasyPHP-12.1\php\php5411x130215105458\ext\”

3. I run a utility called Dependency Walker to drill down into PHP_YAZ.DLL:
The DLL file is located in this path:

4. Dependency Walker just tells me that it cannot locate yaz4.dll (along with GPSVC.dll, but that made no diff in the end)

5. If your still following me, I download the yaz package at

6. I unpack the yaz package.

7. I navigate to the bin directory in the yaz package

8. I copy paste the following files from yaz/bin into these directories

Into the php5411x130215105458 directory
Into the apache/bin directory


I don't think I've left anything out. Hopefully this helps someone.

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Posted by: Jerry
March 26, 2013 01:28AM
Hi Jon

Thanks for the post!

I am having a similar problem. Love Easy PHP but I cant fine alot of support.

When I try to run php.exe I get error box that say Unable to Load Dynamic Library. This box flashes for about 15 dlls files it is unable to load.

This is preventing me from installing composer which I need to run Symphony 2 the way I want.

So far adding my php/ext path to Windows PATH environment variables is not working. I dont want to paste all the files into Apaches bin folder but I may just have to.
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