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Phpmyadmin upd from (5.5.6) to (12.1)

Posted by: Trebly
January 28, 2013 02:37AM

I just upgrade to 12.1 (5.4.6) form 5.3.6.

After installation I use a copy of my mysql_data (there no mysql upgrade to do for upgrade 5.5.10 to 5.5.27)

When I run phpmyadmin I get the error (many threads on web) about "phpmyadmin.pma_recent" table which doesn't exist.

So, I stop there and look at "create_tables.sql" on both versions and compare at each other.

There are many changes. But, when I run for the first time easyphp connected on my mysql_data (which includes the old phpmyadmin database -the phpmyadmin database is not listed - and fourty other databases), there is no upgrade piece of soft running to upgrade de phpmyadmin database before running the new version of phpmyadmin.

The lonely available solution is that a php piece of soft should run to connect and update the data base before launching the new phpmyadmin.

I could not find anything in easyphp software 12.1 which seems to threat this problem.
In phpmyadmin documentation we can find some useful informations, but nothing about the way to upgrade the phpmyadmin database to the new one using all the data coming from the old version (previous I upgrade easyphp from 5.3.6 to 12.1 which is in panels named 5.4.6).

Do is it the job of each developer to write and test the php file ?
Piece of soft which :
1- Test the database phpmyadmin to know what is the current version (data schemes of each version can be easyly stored)
2- If the version is not updated run the mysql commands to update the tables (for someones create).

By coherency if the developer uses easyphp since long years,he knows well that each easyphp version is associated to four main numbers of version Apache, Php, Mysql and Phpmyadmin.
So after an upgrade, I think that Easyphp could verify not only the current version of soft running (easy because easyphp launches them, there nothing todo) but too the data.

Two upgrades can be performed :
1- Mysql upgrade (must not be automatic, because a copy of the whole data_path must be done before to be able to make run old versions if something don't goes well - with some a little sophisticated precautions and system configurations it is possible to make run various version -old ones - on the corresponding databases)
2- phpmyadmin database upgrade

What to do ?

Best regards,

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Posted by: Trebly
January 29, 2013 02:37AM
No news - not found any solution - so migration is stopped

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Posted by: Trebly
January 31, 2013 02:00AM

I have opened a thread on phpmyadmin forum.

You will find the problem explanation, solution and proposals for security of installation management at :

<Source forge/phpmyadmin thread 6a14d9cf | [];

Best regards

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