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which version should I use/require

Posted by: myhealthylawn
January 06, 2013 04:38AM
Looked all over for answer to this question.
There is an abundance of choices to upgrade,
which should I be downloading to use?
Why are there so many versions?
I could not find a tutorial for this, but I have looked. thanks

Version PHP 5.4.x
PHP 5.4.10 with Xdebug 2.2.1
PHP 5.4.8 with Xdebug 2.2.1
PHP 5.4.7 with Xdebug 2.2.1
PHP 5.4.6 with Xdebug 2.2.1
PHP 5.4.5 with Xdebug 2.2.1

Version PHP 5.3.x
PHP 5.3.20 with Xdebug 2.2.1
PHP 5.3.18 with Xdebug 2.2.1
PHP 5.3.17 with Xdebug 2.2.1
PHP 5.3.16 with Xdebug 2.2.1
PHP 5.3.15 with Xdebug 2.2.1
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Posted by: Russell
January 06, 2013 07:16PM
There are so many version so that existing projects that require a specific version of PHP will work. If you are starting from scratch, its probably best to start with the most modern (5.4.10).
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