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htmlentities doesn't work!

November 14, 2012 04:31PM
Hello Dear Reader!

In my case the PHP function htmlentities($str) doesn't work with EasyPHP 12.1. It returns the argument until $str contains german Umlaute (ä, ö, ü, Ä, Ö, Ü, ß); in this case htmlentities() doesn't replace them by ä etc., but returns a completely EMPTY string! Other special characters like " are replaced in the correct way (").

This error is completely new. I've never seen this in former versions of EasyPHP (up to 3.9.1). This function is very important for a well-designed website and i use it for nearly every alphanumeric output. Maybe this mistake will occour in other languages, too...

Can anyone help me? - Thank you!
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November 14, 2012 05:34PM
Hello again,

the problem also occurs with other signs like €, ½, ©, ¿, à, á, â, ã, ä, å.

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Posted by: Russell
November 14, 2012 09:04PM
Could this be due to EasyPHP12.1 using PHP 5.4 whereas your other versions all used an older version.

See the php docs for a description on how htmlentities() has changed in 5.4


Try specifying the encoding parameter to be 'ISO-8859-1'.

Hope that helps.
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November 16, 2012 06:09PM
Thank you very much, Russell! htmlentities($str, ENT_QUOTES ,'ISO-8859-1') does exactly what htmlentities($str) did before PHP 5.4.

But this is a really bad surprise. I had not expected this and must now change any program that I've written in the past decade. PHP for me was always a part of the "good", but now I feel treated like I was accustomed from MS, Apple or Adobe.
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Posted by: Daniel
November 26, 2012 05:14PM
I am very disappointed too to discover that I have to add
,ENT_QUOTES ,'ISO-8859-1'
in all the lines I have written till today.
Please fix that
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Posted by: Russell
November 27, 2012 12:31PM
Since its a change by the PHP Group, I think you best take the problem up with them as the authors of EasyPHP are powerless in this aspect.
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